My name literally translates into “a collection of poems” and so far, I think I tend to stand up to my name.
The name of my blog says “Elusive Mummers,” where mummers comes from the use of it in traditional theatre.
Mummers are actors in a traditional masked mime or play. For a long time, the follow up line said “which get lost between sighs and restless nights” instead of a “who,” because for a long time they weren’t real people: the people inside of me weren’t people but more or less personalities. Later, however, I came across the realization that all of these “mummers,” as I like to call them, were living individuals.
They were my people. I associated with them, I talked to them, I could ask them to not be them and I could, most of all, be all of them.
I love each and everyone of them, and each and every single one of them has, in one way or another, found a way to last forever in my words- last abundantly in rhymes and rhythms.
I hope you see them peek in between my works or rather, I hope they make you listen to them wholly, completely, differently.
Weird? Absurd? That’s how it seemed to me. I had these forces, these compunctions, these alternative personalities inside me, driving me. It was like being a jack-in-the-box and I was unsure which personality was going to jump out next:
Billy, who thought of himself as a cowboy or a terrorist; Kato the cutter; anorexic Shirley, whose only self-indulgence was binge drinking and the occasional salad sandwich. I didn’t dislike Shirley. I was afraid of her. Shirley knew things I didn’t.” –Alice Jamieson

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