Liability [Day 29]

In times of disarray, the war trudges on,
my battered clothes, fishing out dangers long gone,
wallowing up to the scheming of fortune and play
the wheels of life rotating, bidding my way

Silent lies creep through valleys-
high up and down below, all too blue, too blue
to my left stand the scandalous mountains,
glaciers of love simply melting away
to my right, the sea breeze picks up its current-
the ways are but waves, washing away
the horizon lays down its gaze,
I’m welcomed by monsters with hearts
made of clay;

Shining diamonds pick themselves up and disobey
commands to lull me back to sleep,
I’m the commanding force of pain brutal and sheer,
I’m the mother of all that is, the Gaia
and yet, yet my lips tremble, my core dozes-
I’m a compromise, a liability at stake;

Who must call on the forces of evil to fix
all the wrongs of the dead?
Who must call on the liars, cheats, deceitful men
inside fake plastic trees, to win over my child of wild,
to set us free?


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