Pretending [Day 16]

Dream boats sway in the sea of your eyes, 
wonder is the bright light that cave into 
all the lies growing in the waves, thrashing
against the abrasions of your skin- 
crying? dreaming? believing? living?-

They say little people sit waiting for the sea to become
a mere pool- a heavy hearted joke- of surrender,
all the trinkets of truth simply washing away
swiftly with the flow of never occurring-
crying? dreaming? believing? living?-

Hands pretend to shake, body pretends to shiver
eyes, all eyes, forget to mistake one for another, 
while you continue to (pretend) fall into
the (pretend) faith
of goodwill: even the insides of your lungs are treacherous-
crying, dreaming, believing, living-      

  every lie.


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