Angie [Day 12]

Listen to Slow It Down- The Lumineers along with/ after this post; parts of it are inspired by it, other parts will never make sense.

You used to find dead insects in your
backyard, and pretend they were dolls
made of organic compost, only and only
for you to guide them into an entity they
would’ve never realised to hold theirs,
and you walked with your head held high
when strangers passed by, and mummy
and daddy- what’s their names, again?-
were more enemies than allies, and
Mrs. Please-Keep-Your-Hands-Away was
a lady who didn’t know that flowers worked
as flowers best when they were plucked away

The trees grew and grew, backyards were
changed, you framed insects now,
preservation of life, you called it,
and soon tattoos of moths and
bees -what was the difference?-
sprouted like life itself on your skin,
and you rubbed and rubbed and rubbed
it off, till the skin tore off, all inked:
You wouldn’t want a list of dead lovers
on your wrist, would you?
, you said
and the blooming garden didn’t know
that it bloomed best with dead skin

The rickety house was lifeless, the rusting seeping
into the iron like the dead weight of the
white gown which ruffled through its halls,
slashed wrists- they call this something, isn’t it?-
dropping blood as if a ritual to animate
the parts of it that look so dead,
grow a pair of hearts, Angie, you told me
when I painted the walls back, but they
never looked as brutally broken as they did then
and the backyard was the barren
land they tell you of in children’s stories:
adventure after adventure piling on in the
cracks where nothing grew; the inside
of the house was a graveyard with
broken dead frames and the house didn’t know
that alive was the most full of itself when
alive looked quite dead

A fool, I went back to bed:
rested my arms, rested my legs,
wondering if love would dig me out of this
and if love looked like love at all when it
looked like nothing, at best.


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