Treasure(!) [Day 10]

Treasure coves, treasure caves:
pirates are hiding under the rocky
bed of the sea, pirates are flying
their ships to the bay, little mermaids
are walking on their fish tails, little
mermaids are catching onto their
notorious wordplay,
big men, small men, the sailors of
today, hop a hoppity walk, arm-ful,
leg-ful, half bearded,
big men, small men run across their
cages- walking on water, they call it-
the anchors are pulled towards the stars
the safety boats are made of hay,
the sun sets for the birds to call out,
it’s raining inside out, water droplets
sucking into the sky- those are definitely gay!-
and little Johnny doesn’t want to play.

Treasure coves, treasure caves:
the world is upside down, but deary,
the treasure still remains.


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