salient features of a ballerina [Day 9]

The salient features of a ballerina:

a poignant tutu, the pretty, soft ballet shoes,
the aplomb of her streamlined body,
an overpowering elegance- a gala of sorts-
music itself propping with its dips and curves
her arms, her legs, her assemble
a perfect arabesque promptly followed
by a pirouette- we don’t know if this is ballet-
with a little leap for une tour en l’air,

a fleeting glance from the gallery
where an elderly man sits watching,
his expensive watch ticks, his rough
moustache guards the money in his
pockets, his deep sigh, quite mocking

as the dancer leaps après le balancé
and the crowd silently takes it in,
she leaps and springs, this woman
of dreams, and lands softly with ease,
her assemble proceeding into a brisé,
and the cusp of consciousness swims
throughout the stage, une grand jeté,
and props her feet: on and on she dances;
sous-sous/ tombé: the finale; we don’t
know how ballets end: the crowds jeering,
the dramatic pause, the reverence:
all played out; the music continued
in the applause, roses on the stage

silent men sit within
Monsieur, didn’t you like the play?”
asks the ghost of an empty hall;
the puppeteer hones his dolls,
the music continues to play,
she turns, she smiles, she pirouettes
inside the palm of old men with
a pocket watch and enormous hands
threatened under the close of a silver
knife in the patterns of her maker’s game.


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