Saviour [Day 6]

When men gather- they scrap off the skins
of their fathers, they lie awake at
night unaware of the thick and thin
of their blood and the water they
drink behind the eyes of God each
day, bothering to hide their falling
skin; their reassuring speeches
of how they shall be saved at the
mercy of the Lord, how killing is
murder unless for the Lord, how
poverty is His love for you; the bliss
of the unspoken fruit is remarked a
sin: the gin, the touch, the restlessness
all a sign of weakness not in faith
but in companionship; this Lord is selfless
but His own; these words are stolen off
of the whispers of lies, the transparency
of submission, of take, take, take till
the man is less man, more the piracy
of his ancestors, and he must perish
to the depths of Hell, if not for the
consistency in the bogus eyes of our
Lord- brothers gather, brothers eat,
they meet, nod, speak in power,
greeting with silent eyes: each
look a submission to their beliefs,
but the brother does not care for
the brother who does not preach.


6 thoughts on “Saviour [Day 6]

      • Thanks, Kavya! You, too. Anytime. You’re a true poetess. Keep writing. I was having trouble getting published traditionally, so I decided to create my own press online to share my work as well as that of others, so I am happy I found your blog!


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