Plucking flower petals at the expense of the moonlight
which cascades over shadows and dingy sights,
I saw a girl who spoke too loud of her heart and soul,
and another one who ran through my neighbour’s corridor,
and it was strange, for my heart beat louder than
it had in years, and my eyes stuttered like I could
touch the expanse of the skies, as years and years
ago, I swore I would. I watch his eyes; the sky is clearing,
they dance across the stars and glimmer over the beauty 
of the sun rising, and the girls are fading the melancholy
away with their silent talks, with their jittery and crooked gaits;
they smile because they could feel the warm gates
open up their hearts; while me and him, we huddle close
for we’re afraid of things that aren’t dark, and the sun rises
ahead with a calm and our shrieks terrify the great
gurning gobblers; we promised them the electric, elate
elves when we only tried to learn of fairies, when our
magic drew souls, and we promised to harness the scar
of love- “It was possible once,” they said when asked.
I suppose they burnt holes on our backs. When the last
call for our arms was bid, I believed in it; our throats dry
of lullabies and the virtue of the fruit of a child’s first cry,
I believed in it all, because we were angels who could
be, and we chose to become all the things 
we swore we never would.


18 thoughts on “Angels

  1. that intense imagery, that adept use of figures of speech, that amount of soul… you’ve earned yourself a fan in me. i will strive to be as good as you, one day. but for now, hats off (whatever your name is, im guessing kavya, or kavita maybe?). brilliant stuff. do check out my poems too if that’s alight

    Liked by 2 people

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