Literal (or not?)

Over the commotion of touches and empty
scotch graveyards which smell of live bodies
pressing together with tulips and marigolds,
both of which are a darker white (with a subtle
tint of ocher), I saw a grumpy goddess
with her hair shining like stars and her eyes burning
like the sea at sunset; it was as beautiful, even
with a frown, like the sky is with the clouds- with the
sun peeking glances over the world; so naïve it must
seem to those who look at it differently, but
the sky was a vicious vulture or, as I would say to
them, it was only her; the pretty eyes and electric soul
only glowed when it was darker than you’d ever know,
but it wasn’t much of a choice for her, and it isn’t
much of a choice for me as I let her bleed golden
stained blood from copper vessels, and grungy,
blue green algae shines like coloured diamonds as
she is hammered, broken, dismantled for
the gold which lay in her beauty; ah, the literal
language merely touched her golden, rotting pieces;
they say she was a mere statue, but she wasn’t
nearly as cold, was she?


31 thoughts on “Literal (or not?)

  1. a rotting corpse of diaphonous capabilities, convoluted blacks and whites and silver and greens, golden sunshine on blackest days, she’s unforgiving in her literal meaning meaning meaning has no meaning … still, she is there challenging and reckoning and …….. she’s You …. ks

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  2. You godda keep in touch little miss
    Diamond in the rough there’s edge to
    The letters and
    Your words a
    Funky way of seeing things let’s call it abstract abstract,you
    gotta mystery about you little girl
    Someone inside who’s dying to
    Get out she’s the
    Flip side of
    You complete in every way she
    Sees (this one inside of you) through crystal visions then
    She goes indoors and shuts the door till the next time

    When SHE’LL come knocking …life can be grand when
    Seen through the eyes of words
    Flowing by or springing from below the surface
    Where grow the roots inside the earth that
    Tells us everything …

    You godda connection little girl (I mean this in a good way!)
    But, what is that? A statement I think is true or ..
    Maybe you do too but it’s
    Jst a statement that’s probably true still
    Just a string of words
    Their meanings are up to you but .. You
    Already knew that .. Didn’t you?

    But its nice to know the reason you may have been born
    To see or to
    Try to see the world differently then
    grab a fish from the flowing stream
    Pick some floral or growing colored words alive
    As part of the mix from the garden if greenery you
    Grown inside

    Its nice maybe
    To know why you can be born inside
    You take your lessons from the sun with
    5 parts dying,
    stir it well ..

    NOT TOO MUCH !! Oh
    Shit .. Another mistake ..

    But arent you lucky? That’s
    One less mistake you need to make and mistakes can be beautiful things we can use to
    Grow from …

    That’s all for now i hope it makes SOME sense to
    You .. It makes very little to me but,
    It doesnt really matter they’re for you to
    Make of as you please .. Try to
    Keep in touch Little Miss Diamond In
    The Rough…. I want to see what you have done
    From time to time and from
    Time thats yet
    To come …
    Take care ..

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    • Thank you! I’ll keep in mind your advice, which seems to say that the poems seems a bunch of words stringed together. I suppose I could work on making it seem more relatable, is anything.
      Thank you, again!
      You take care as well!


      • No … that’s Not what I meant …

        only MY words last night were a bunch of words strung together for you to figure out because i think i did a shitty bullshit job of trying to explain thoughts without the clarity to explain them.

        Jeeze … DO NOT ‘try’ … just DO …

        Meaning … art, creativity … it’s in the eye of the beholder. you as the artist, do your work for what makes YOU happy or feel fullfilled. Then, share it.

        Different people will have different interpretations. This is the greatest compliment since it means people have been inspired to find meaning. You will have given them insight for THEIR OWN meaning. To have given meaning to someone even though it’s not your meaning … so what! This is the most wonderful thing about ‘art’. This is what the word ‘inspiring’ means.

        Sure, refine your work based on lots of factors but don’t submit yourself to ‘making’ something what it is to serve the needs of others or, you won’t be involved in the creative process you’ll be selling yourself.

        But, who in the hell am I? Except that I know there are a few creative principles. be true to yourself, do your work for the joy it brings you.

        I guess it’s all about ‘self’ … finding it … expressing it with the uniqueness that makes you the unique person who you are. Keep being true to yourself and you’ll follow a path … call it the ‘true path’ … it’s ok to back and start over again in fact it’s almost necessary. we learn from our mistakes. we refine our search through our work.

        don’t make it someone elses work or you won’t find the spark that is your true creative self. It’s a struggle but so is any journey of discovery. What a wonderful way to discover who you are than through the creative process!

        The only other way for me is going to junk shops and finding cool stuff … but that’s just me .. and it’s still in second place.

        Still, searching through the junk shop of your mind you’ll be surprised at the cool stuff you’ll discover!…. take care

        …. ks

        …think like an animal … perceive as such … look for light … use your words faithfully .. give them the human touch … show us what your world looks like …. give us a look inside ,,, then step back and let us decide …

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      • Thank you.
        It would have been rather rude to dismiss what I thought was a suggestion with a something along the lines of “well that doesnt matter to me!”
        Keeping in mind that I did think it was a suggestion, i think we can both agree that it was a suitable response.

        I completely agree with you- beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and lord help me, but I have never conformed myself to changing my style of writing to anyone’s liking.
        I like this idea that I’m already a famous poet in the future, somewhere, for my style and my thoughts and my wonder.


  3. did you write the ‘or not’ in response to what I just wrote?

    If so … fine!

    “or not” is just as valid. see where it takes you.

    Maybe one way we learn about things that ARE is by learning what ARE NOT. I just think it’s harder that way … like living in a negative state to know that the charge you feel is not the charge you are supposed to be feeling. Wull … assuming you’d want ‘positive charge’ to your life. that’s a whole other story … I believe firmly in finding ‘light’ because light brings awareness. IF the ‘negative’ state is darkness then … if you wallow around in it looking for light you’ll only know what light is not … in an abstract way and ultimately you’ll have to continue the voyage in light anyway. Light shows us the way … on a baser level … when neurons in the brain fire up because of somethinbg inspirational like, the first time you read Treasure Island and learned you loved to read … those neurons were firing like there was a fire inside your brain.

    hAVE YOU ever read something or had an expreience that blew your mind … like the day you discovered you love to write poetry … and it was like ‘wow’ … what a discovery!! Then, you went into the world and the world seemed different somehow. That’s because some of the light of that discovery … those neurons … those electrical charges … remains. So it’s LIGHT! You see the world differently! you are more aware!

    have you ever .. and i know you have … written something and felt like you weren’t really writing it … tbhe words are just coming and you channel them and you might not even know until you’re finished then you look at what you have written a while later and you say …. ”did I write that?” It’s magic! It comes from some region you’ve touched on. You’ve discovered some pocket of awareness that is a gift. Who knows where these places are. they come and they go. it’s so goddamned exciting when them come though, aren’t they?

    My feelings are that the creative process has something to do with our dreams. There;s a deep well or source of … what? I don’t know .. all i know is when I’m in one of those states and the words flow and when i’m finished i’m overwhelmed with joy at what I have conjured … I get the feeling that’s where it all comes from. When you write in that state … don’t you feel like you are in kind of a dream state anyway? I think a lot of writers write late at night … I know i did for a while … because late at night when we’d normally be dreaming … .we can stay awake and capture some of that dream ljike quality. since when we sleep, we have access to this place … maybe we can get access by being awake when we’d normally be sleeping … to have access. …

    so, there’s yin and yang about everything. positive or negative … they both make what the other ‘are’. read my poem titled …. ?? i’ll have to go find it … . if you’ve read it … read it again … . I gotta go … I’ll send you the title … if you want to read a piece I wrote that i DIDN’T write … i.e. it came directly from the ‘source’ … that wrote itself … … read … “The Hour the minute the day the month … The Time That I was Born.” (approximately the title … ). Either of these pieces I’d feel proud and grateful it you’d read them … maybe again .. since they’ll be different since this exchange. ks

    if ‘or not’ was not in response to what I wrote then … wull … ok .. sorry … ! …. ks


    • I will check it out right away.

      I have indeed enjoyed and swelled and dwelled in my creativity. I have, indeed, been amazed by what I could write and pen down; so amazed, i was convinced I was under some mental illness for I could not have written such a piece!
      It was incredible.

      The day i learnt i could be a poet, the world was not just the world but the world and its minute details, the world and its people the world and the soul, and I think there’s nothing better than that.


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