It’s turning over and I can’t see how it looks; it is rather respectable,
to a personality which thrives over cacophonous lies and
bleeds over heartfelt gestures; yes, it’s sad; yes, it’s pathetic,
but you have no insight on how delirious wonderland is
until you’ve slipped into the mad hatter’s hat or coveted
a word of appreciation from the weeds or been pushed
short and pulled tall; it’s not tedious in the night, when you
can disappear; but really, you never know when it is dark
and when it is only an illusion, you never know when you’ll
fall back, return through the rabbit hole, letting it leave you
breathless; you’ll never know because you’re not Alice,
and who are you if not her? Who are you when you weren’t
wanted in wonderland, when all you were was a note in the
greatest symphony and you wouldn’t even mind being off with your head?
Who are you, deary, if you’re not the creator of the world you love so much?
It’s turned over, and it’s not you.


6 thoughts on “Impersonality

  1. breathless again … i’m turning blue with envy … or is it green shock and awe … what is it? you don’t get comments because you leave your readers speechless; images that defy easy interpretation challenging the mind drawing the reader into dark regions of the mind where discovery lies waiting to be discovered at the end of obvious paths through the jungle with eyes open … ks

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