Remorse is a feeling I’ve been
Led to believe exists in every
Being, so then why, when I
Ask you if you realise the 
Damage of my soul, do you
Not apologise and say it will
Be okay; why do you make
Me feel like it is I who should
Be guilty? Maybe it’s because
I should be, for I have let you
In on my hearty permission,
And I have pinned you down as
Flummoxed, much like I have
I, and I don’t know, and neither
Do I think of it when I can, of
How my puny, modest words stand
Against the meagre, non existent
One of yours. I lay waiting
For an apology which flows
Through your heart, because
This is mine, and you shall
Only uncover the crevices
Of my mind, if I let you think
You are worthy enough, not
Just if you think you are.


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