I didn’t ask you to tell me
All the things that were wrong
About the colour of my dress
And the wrongly adjusted crest
Of my mismatched hair-bow.

I didn’t ask you to cross out
The little mistakes I have learnt
Watching others whine about
Their existence in jabbing spouts
With their hysterical dismissal.

I didn’t ask you to question the
Details I have learnt to read in
A person who doesn’t mean
Anything to me, the ones I’ve seen
Only at a glance or two.

I didn’t ask you to burden my
Heavy shoulders with another
Disappointed accusation and sort
My agreeing as being subtly caught
Between the lines I never presented.

I didn’t ask you to judge my
Expressions and my nonchalance
For you care about such petty beliefs
When I try to turn around all leaves
And all sides of others’ story.

I didn’t ask you to explain your
Thoughts because I’ve been led
To believe of their rudimental set
And I never asked you to bet
Your future on someone like me.

I didn’t ask because I didn’t want
To hear of the thoughtful gestures
Which meant nothing to me, and
Do believe you’re searching in the sand
For pebbles which have never left the sea.

But you’ll question everything I am
And every personality of me I’ve
Moulded to suit your eyes, so let me
Assure you, once more, that all you see
As definite is an act of vagarious caution.

Please, realise your shot in the dark
To compile the person I have become
With burns and thoughtless screams
Of silence have just merely seemed
To affect all that I am and will be.

Please, trigger my impatience with
Your nuisance, and watch me prove
Your faith in believing what you thought
As wrong, and prove the lies I brought
As a new assuming belief.


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