Violation rebukes the inner

Animal inside of me I’ve been

Trying to suppress, and you

Say you’ve suppressed it for

Years, so don’t mind me when

I say, that there are almost ten

Million species of animals on

This Earth, and if you think

You’ve managed to hide one

Under your soft bed for 32

Years, I’d have to applaud you

And all that holds you viable 

To my heart, because in this

Same amount of time, my dear,

I have managed to create a

Different biosphere of my own,

Lending little hair strands of

My animal to all the people

I have met, and those I have

Told and reassured of a darker

Sin than the one that they face,

And the ones I’ve managed

To hurt, have a piece of the

Lineage of her heart, and

I assure you, this isn’t one

Specie of the animal which

I am, I am telling you of. 


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