When my hands moved to

The rhythm of the music,

And I couldn’t feel my heart

Beat because of the loudness,

I turned to the mirror, and saw

My reflection churning at places,

Hurling, burning, falling, and

Transforming into that of yours,

And I couldn’t help but watch

My eyes get watery and watch

No tears come out, because I

Was you now, and you were

A snarky apathetic dancer and

Your emotions lied and changed

In the way you danced and the

Way you fell when you practised

To not do exactly that, and I

Don’t know if I’m supposed

To apologise for it, or not, or

If I’m supposed to subdue the

Greater amount of soothing

Thoughts which flow through

Me, now that I can be you,

Now that I am you, and I know

I can’t ever answer those words,

Because they, like much of

Yourself, aren’t mine either.


9 thoughts on “Rhythm

  1. Really love the fact that your poems always make me envision something that’s been tucked in, nice and tidy inside my head. I could actually hear music playing along with your words

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  2. Sometimes you read something and you immediately jump to the conclusion “Oh it was brilliant and these are my favorite lines”. And sometimes you read something like “Rhythm” and you close the book and stare at the wall for a minute. You don’t know the author’s intent you just interpret it in your own way and smirk at how accurately it describes your life. Yes that’s the vibe “Rhythm” gave me.

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