Not Her

I remember when she
first asked me what day
it was that I knew I was
in love with her broken
soul and scarred heart;

I remember how her
eyes grew wide as I told
her how I didn’t know
because the feeling itself
had made me forget;

I remember how she
said she knew what it felt
like to come to an epiphany
after days of being crass
enough to not realise it;

I remember how her
lips parted, hesitating to
utter the words which came
after because she thought
she asked too much;

I remember how her
eyes stared into my very
soul when she wanted me
to give her the honest answer
she deserved for her trust;

I remember how her
breath hitched a little when
I had not a single syllable
to speak when she asked
me if she would ever fall in love;

I remember how her
eyes didn’t waver when water
tipped slowly down my cheeks
and I sat still in my mind but
felt my body quivering;

I remember how she
touched my lips of pure lust
and repeated again the
words, “Should I ever fall
in love with you, or even me?”

I remember how she
looked more callous somehow
when I whimpered something
along the lines of “I would
make you let it feel in me;”

I remember how she
cried that night, seven
years later, when I asked
her if she would decide to
set me free or marry me;

I remember how her
white teeth showed and how
her lips curved when she
said “Yes, I do,” in front of
everyone she and I knew;

I remember how she
cried at eighty-two when
I told her the exact date and
time of the first time she
had said, “I love you.”

I remember her, and I
hope she does too at times,
thinking of her, as I make
memories of all of this happen to
me and someone who isn’t her.


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