There’s an old man sitting on the bench,
Would you care to take a look?

He’s holding pastel colours and a book,
Do you know he only sees monochrome?

He mumbles when he’s all alone,
Would you hear what he has to say?

He ate from my lunchbox yesterday,
Do you know he likes to eat cheese?

He whistles along with the breeze,
Would you hear the riffs of his melody?

He adopted a dog off his vanity,
Do you know he named him ‘Rainbow’?

He thinks he’s paced too slow,
Would you help him cross the road?

He said my eyes are a pirates hoard,
Do you agree with his silly starts?

He fumbles the words of a broken heart,
Would you let him carry yours this time?

He never agrees to my suppressed whines,
Do you think you could make him disagree?

He draws emotions for me to see,
Would you care a second glance at him?

He says you’ll run at a certain whim,
Do you think he holds himself a liar?

He knows I owe my soul for you to hire,
Would you let him believe in it?

He always keeps a place for two to sit,
Do you want to join him with me tonight?

He hopes you’re not what comes to sight,
Would you let him trace your laughter lines?

He says he knows all my signs,
Do you want him to stop these thoughts?

He knows you’re walking away with crocks,
Would you look back once at me?

He tells me he’s trying to be sorry,
Do you know he said you’ll not get the clue?

He knows that I think you’re untrue,
Would you see this man once more?

I’m trying to tell this man to not be sore,
I think he’s bewitching my soul to mend.

I admit now, I do, he’s my best friend,
And I’m glad I don’t wish he was you.


14 thoughts on “Factuality

  1. If an old man’s sitting on a bench and if I wouldn’t have a look,
    I’d be oppressed by the guilty eyes to look upon.

    I do not know what he eyes or what he feel,
    But I’ll sit next to him with all the zeal!

    Hungry since a day by reason of he ate your lunch box yesterday,
    offering food for him in an disconcerted way.

    I wish to know what he relish to chew,
    So as to give him what he delves.

    I choose to applaud his tone undeterred by his screech,
    Fumble the dog, give him a walk around the beach.

    sunshine and rain is what his name,
    running too slow, what a shame!

    Leave his hand as he walks by,
    Clue in to use his treasure for the reason that it will not forever lie,

    Start at your own pace,
    At least start the race!

    I’ll support him with all his deeds,
    Fix his heart for that is all he needs.

    Convince him for what is not his,
    Aid him since he bleeds.

    I’ll drop him off
    Part good bye!

    And wish not to see him in this state again!

    This is what I interpret. Would do if I find someone like him.

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      • When a person is scarred, he knows the truth and a lie the person is saying. Hence, he will know that I am helping him with the purest part of my heart will let me help him out.

        I do not wish to be mean anything to him. I am just a post man for him, who came and gave him what lord has written for him.

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