A little girl with a black ribbon

Once told me to close my eyes,

And think of those red skies 

Which I always forgot,

Simply because they were
Not blue, like they were 
Supposed to;
A parrot with green feathers
Once told me to stretch my hands
And pretend to fly above foreign sands
Which I was too afraid 
To think of, because they were
Too new to my glistening eyes
Which were used to seeing 
The mundane;
A dog with brown soft fur
Once told me to share a little
Of the love I keep in store for
Those who don’t deserve and
Pretend to be loved in return
As I was too afraid of giving
Away things which wouldn’t come
Back to me;
A delusional rabbit with blue irises
Once told me to not wait for
The clock to struck time, to
Know it all on my own, because
I held the capability to alter time
In my own ways, but I was too afraid
Of never being sure if I told myself the
Right time;
An old man with wrinkled eyelashes
Once held out his staff and told me
To take a bow, while he would 
Accolade my existence as an honour
To kings and queens, just like they had
From another old man, waiting to die,
I think he knew I had been too afraid to
Take responsibility;
A marble stone wall with carved memories
Once told me to let go of those of
My own, and let it grasp the little
Ones I always seem to forget, to give
What I am too afraid to admit and never
Look back upon it, and when the wall
Splurged with colours too many, I was
Too afraid again,
Because the marble wall is my words,
And the creatures, few of the many
Faces of me which I see in you, and
Her, and that little stray dog there,
And that balloon which you let loose,
And I know I am afraid of my own self
And maybe, that’ll never change, but
I will;
Who would want anything worse (or better) than
Not being afraid of anything, but himself? 

19 thoughts on “Fear(s)

  1. THIS IS SO AMAZING! I have never had a better understanding of myself! I don’t even know what to say, this has left me speechless. This taught me a million things in a few lines! YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLE!

    Liked by 1 person

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