I love flipping through the pages
of my old forgotten diary
I always had a hard time

I love the callous fabric
of handmade paper which
is fixed strongly at the
right places;

I love the slightly torn
edges which have been
folded to be thoroughly

I love the way I will give
it to a stranger one day and
have them flip the same

I love to run my hands
over each abrasion that
has been formed on every
third page;

I love glancing at the paper which
covers it, after every two seconds,
and then going back to the
pages inside.

They are empty.


28 thoughts on “Favourites

  1. Unexpected last line. Does it mean that you want to write but somehow have never been able to? Maybe because if you write it down it becomes more real and you don’t want it to be real… (I’m bad at poem interpretations)

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  2. So it goes like that-
    You’re having a rather empty life, but you don’t regret it. Not anymore. Cz you’re tired of regretting. Now you have become a devil and you would give an empty life to any stranger and want them to embrace it.

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  3. (In tribute.) (And gratitude. I shall be posting this in due course.)


    Sifting aimlessly and also – let’s be honest – wantonly
    Through clouds of accumulations too cowardly to discard
    Turned up an old page in some ancient long forgotten diary

    Smothered in swiftly scribbled promising thought dreams
    Up-bubbled marsh gas drawn into an eager greedy pipette

    So easily distracted back then by each passing whimsy
    Left them there gasping for breath like beached whales
    A willing rescuer arrives years too late to find them


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  4. Thank you for liking “Wildflowers” and “More Wildflowers.” I like keeping empty diaries too. πŸ™‚ I want to actually live my life in the present moment, and I don’t care about recording my experiences in a personal history book.

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      • I used to keep journals when I was younger, but I don’t anymore. I came across them years after I wrote them, and I did not like reading them. It was a painful and embarrassing experience for me. I did not want to remember how unhappy I was years ago, so I destroyed them.

        However, I do not want to impose my opinions and beliefs on anyone else. If you enjoy keeping a diary and find it helpful, please do not let me discourage you from doing so. πŸ™‚

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