Tick Tock

They told me to be scared,
And I believed they had a
Reason, because these were
The men and women who
Had surrounded my being
From when I had first sneaked
A look through my eyes,
My eyes, they saw my skin and
Saw nothing different which
Could hint that I am not worthy
Of the accolades of existence
And I saw the mirror tell me
The same, but you told my
Mind that it isn’t one,
My mind, it believed to be stripped
Of secrets and it asked you to do
The same, but you snatched
Apart the clothes which kept
Me warm, and you exploited my
Noble skin, but you unwittingly
Also made it callous,
My skin, it burned till it drew red
And it hurt, but I was still not afraid
When you told me I deserved it,
Because in my heart I knew I didn’t,
And even when my hands screamed
To plunge knives into your heart,
I didn’t; we’re not the same,
My hands begged you to set me
Free, and pushed yours away from
Where they pushed, but you didn’t
Back away, and then my face felt
The warm liquid drip, and my nose
Smelt the darker warm liquid drip like
Falling rain,
My face, it didn’t give away to my
Mother because it hid behind the
Same face and acceptance, and I
Dismissed how I had become black and
White with highlights of bursting red, and
I hid myself, defeated of the foul play
My soul had endured,
My soul, you spit at it, and I believe
You won, but I come out every night
At mid-night at the same spot you
Snuffled my face, because while you
Thought you had cut my tongue, I
Was just gaining the silence of a
Million other voices,
The million other voices juncture my
Pain as their own, and plan to befall
You to the mercy of your sins, because
When I didn’t speak for myself, they
Held my pride and howled my name
As their own, and I now see you quail at
Reason and truth,
How long did you think the people
Who use, and the people who blame
Tradition and honour would keep charge
When people who care and stand up
As a voice for the mute would shove and
Burden you with your bitter existence
Existed and proclaimed?
How long did you think you had before
The she-wolf hunted you down and cleaned
Your heart of all its red, so she could finally
Stop hiding behind the bleeding wounds
Of her children, her mother and herself?
How long did you think you had before
You respected her existence?
How long did you think you had before
The clock stopped its tick tock and you
Had to bid goodbye to the sickening
Soul you are not ashamed of? How
Long did you think you have before
I stood before you and was proud of
Being who I am?


58 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. tbh,this is really phenomenal.You stir life in what you write considering you’re only 16..keep writing, I wanna see your work acknowledged internationally 🙂 ❤ you're a literary genius 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for standing before us… proud of being who you are… for we too, are proud of who you are and for sharing with us your brilliance… I stand in awe… humbled by your magnificent writing… honored to read words of such understanding of life… from one so young in years, yet possessing such wisdom of the soul…
    Hope your evening is most beautiful…

    Liked by 1 person

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