I have this feeling where

All of my cells have to
Buzz to make me realise
They are alive inside of me,
Just like the features on my face
Which aimlessly dart around
Smiles to strangers, whilst
Aimlessly walking through a 
Crowd where they are unnoticed,
Much like the bread crumbs
Which fall of the bigger pieces,
And wish to be noticed, for
They scaffolded their tiny selves
For that bigger piece, they are tossed
And churned, and turned about
Without complaining, but just
Because they were at the corners
Of the slight parts, which were
Made bigger and bigger, and 
Then, were broken off, they were
Made to leave. I let myself smile
At 10 people today, I told them
5 stories behind my facade, and
The couple-and-a-half minute 
Of vibrant verbose I spitted to
Make them see me, got lost
In the seventy fifth of the last
Second; and I felt the buzzing
In my hands, and arms, and legs,
And lips, whilst the little of my 
Audience had vamoosed off to
Take a snack at the bar, and the
Zero emotions I felt let me reel
Back to the very beginning, when
I had first got this buzzing and 
I had been unable to carve words
On my favourite paper that time,
And now, when that buzzing 
Comes back to me again, I
Let myself scratch what dotted
Words I think I can, because I know 
My cells are alive, and I don’t
Plan on making them stop curving
Around the cursive of unquotable
Words I was, I am forbidden to write.

20 thoughts on “Insignificance

  1. Wow, girl. Your words flow like a river without no barriers, and the tumble down in my mind to create a vivid picture of what you inscribe on this beautiful page.

    *Visibly Amazed*

    Love, Ess.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful. A few years back into my venture into WordPress I set up a page on my site,
    “The Pick Of The Month’s Newly Discovered Beauties”, so that I could highlight and share the best poetry I came cross with other people who followed my site. Soon I gave this up as I did not have the time. If I was still doing that, this piece of yours would definitely have been featured.

    Liked by 1 person

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