Inked Coffee

Coffee for me is much
Like the distant moon
Which portrays comfort along
With beauty, serenity and
Radiance, but one which
You can never understand
Or grow tired of. It is the
First slurp of alcohol you
Consume when your sister
Warned you about its sinister
Burning, but you take another
And another one, because
That is the kind of liquid
You need for drowning, the
Kind that would taste better
Than the lies in your life, only
I would rather poison and
Concoct my skin with coffee
Than the bargains of alcohol.
It is the first letter you wrote to
Your lover, and soon realised
How you would never get a
Reply, because life was bitter
And you enjoyed it that way,
Just like the sugar you drenched
In your coffee to make it sweet
Would never let you expiate
The taste you altered of it.
It was like the words you were
Too afraid to write, because
Once written (just like one
Slurp of cappuccino) you would have
To feel the emotions behind
The very little ones, (like the little
Bits and tatters of cocoa) and those
Would burn all the things you
Tried to learn to forget. No,
I am wrong, coffee isn’t these
Things for me, it is the only
Thing it can be- a beautiful
Distant, radiant moon which
Will comfort me, with its
Addictive properties, bittering
My home, and sweetening the
Clad, and I’ll scaffold its
Very being, down the crevices
And edges on empty white
Pages, waiting to be stained
Forever in your memory,
When I tell you these things
Over a cup (preferably mine)
Of bitter, ruthless coffee.


16 thoughts on “Inked Coffee

  1. Coffee is also what keeps you awake when you’re talking to him all night long and it’s sweet like that.
    Coffee is just not bitter sweet. It can be a little sweeter on the side, for bitterness is what it’ll have no matter what. Sweetness is something that’s hard to taste. Also, this reminds me to make a cup of hot, steating coffee for myself too.

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  2. Your words, once written, leave a changing flavour. they are not set in stone but writhe around and seek their own meaning. They live. They betray. They are bitter sweet like coffee and can be ever so intoxicating.

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  3. How I envy your cup of coffee,
    Did you ever know that?
    The way it relieves your stress,
    The way it soothes your mind,
    The way you adore its design,
    The way you think of it all the time..

    I want to be the one who relieves your stress,
    The one you think about every two hours, at least,
    I want to be around your smiling lips,
    To be the one who makes you just feel,
    Isn’t it strange how we connect?
    How we relate and be still different?
    So many things for you, I wish to be,
    So many situations in which I want to be your relief..

    To just be that cup of coffee, you will never ditch,
    I know how particular you ought to be,
    Like that golden dark fluid,
    I will fit into you and you, in me,
    I wish life was so well organized, desired and easy!

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