Warning Signs

Perversions of my patience seemed
To gush in like a falling star;
I looked at you, and I knew you
Didn’t exist in the love of my mind,
In the war of my sole scar.

Illusions of a bumbling bee
Stinging my soul, once, twice;
I looked at my hands, and I knew
They wouldn’t bleed of blood today,
They would bleed of clandestine vice.

Glimpses of a beautiful child
Crying in the arms of care;
I looked at your nerves, and I knew you
Deliberately thought of my rainbows,
Deliberately thought of my innermost layer.

Accolades of a brave soldier
Seeping deep behind enemy lines;
I looked at my blatant irises, and I knew
They couldn’t see another sorrow,
They couldn’t even see the red of wines.

Invocations of a drunk man
Fighting his head to let his thoughts go;
I looked at your fingers, and I knew you
Would vamoose your memories into me,
Would vamoose this faltered innuendo.

Scenes of a rather colourful world
Of galaxies, coerced into a mere rhyme;
I looked into your eyes, and I knew you
Realised I would see them painted with skies,
Realised I would see them for the last time.

Closures of a hangman’s flight
Pointing to the security of hell;
I looked at the curves of my skin, and I knew
They were planed of mounted fibs,
They were assets I couldn’t sell.

Memories of a face smudged with black,
Trying to disclose its ulterior by placing a splayed screw;
I looked at my dark abyss, and I knew
It was a memory of the future,
It was a memory I would give to you;

Truths of me, and all the lies
Rummaging above that grey sea,
Which looked as that of a possessed paltry;
Please, understand, I may be broken,
I maybe shattered, but I cling to those
Zillion pieces of me.

And I warned you to see.


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