Night And Day

You bleed red,
I bleed crimson;
You hear melodies,
I listen to roulades;
You taste the red cherries,
I taste the joy they bring, sans all the worries;
You walk down the road,
I jump along the sidelines;
You play hide and seek,
I dance along the beats of secrecy;
You feel the warm water of the waterfall,
I feel the way it holds the cold call;
You like sitting at the edge of a beach,
I like listening to the water beat against it;
You like to watch the sky turn grey,
I like to howl to the avalanche of the moon;
You like animals of all kinds,
I like to comfort their smiles;
You love strawberries and the crumb of sweets,
I love the icing of the cake and its delegate;
You like the thought of caves and such,
I like the thought of impenetrable forests;
You like the elicit way a bird flies,
I like the way with wind it glides;
You like sitting outside in our garden,
I like watching the vert deviate;
You swing with your feet dangling in the air,
I swing with my hands open wide;
You like to watch the sun rise above,
I like the shades it casts upon us;
You hold little pebbles and shells in a jar,
I hold the sea of sands and dust between my fingers;
You see the traffic light turn red,
I see the ticking clock of wait;
You get drunk on water,
I get drunk on the wetness of it;
You burn with jealousy, at times.
I burn with false ingratiates;
You choose looking at their hands,
I choose looking through their hopes;
You like green eyes, reminding you of cucumber,
I like them golden-brown, like pancakes in December.
You initiate conversations with others,
I initiate their touch of comfort;
You like the glow of my face,
I like the glow of our silhouettes;
You shoot across perfection with a bow and arrow,
I shoot across notions with a sentence or so;
You hold close the teddy bear from past,
I hold close the memories it brought;
You taste the tang of wine,
I taste how it feels burning my insides;
You hear my words with curious eyes,
I hear your tingling smiles and vice;
You like the fabric of my clothes,
I like the way it rubs against my skin;
You feel the warmth of our cozy blanket,
I feel the warmth of your touch within it;
You like holding hands, I know,
I like feeling the love of hold;
You see the purple, the blue, the yellow and the orange,
I see the sky to take blame;
You realise, don’t you?
How I do too;
Like night and day,
We’re just the same,
Just the same.


17 thoughts on “Night And Day

  1. I am not sure how young you are but your poetry is like bed of roses to pick and read.I am thrilled by your writing dear,hope to see more from you.This was an amazing masterpiece.Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

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