Let Me

A curled fringe, dropped with
Sweet honey, and homely tea,
Shimmied in the sunlight, framed
By the dark of night;
Oh dear, let me enlace my fingers
In those curves and crevices
Of the entangled mess
Above your head.

The skin of ocher, cocooned
In strings of blue and red,
Secured with the tissue of
Care and smother;
Oh sugar, let me trace your heart
To the back of your spine
When the sprinkle of water
Is falling upon our roof.

A tinct of noise and haughtiness
In the beat brown of the eyes,
Holding mine for a moment too
Long, just to make a point;
Oh darling, let me be the guard
Of closed doors, let my vision
Clear yours of hurtful souls
Which you forgave again.

The slender composure of
Limbs which have been burnt
And cured of smiles and hearty
Laughs that you miss;
Oh honey, let me drizzle glitter
On the chassis of those who
Have been exceptional to sight,
Who can’t see it in your smile.

A warm fuzzy feeling in the words
Which leave the squished lips,
Cracking at the edges because of
Winter, calling me out like cocaine;
Oh sweetheart, let me caress your soft
Skin with my rhapsodies, and songs
All of which were sung looking
At the screens and faces you hide.

The radiance which you emit
From the glow of your being,
Forming a harbour of cocoa
And a distant moon;
Oh beloved, let me be the iridescence
At the end of the broken tunnel,
When you’ve finished your walk
Through the passing of darkness.

A spurt of air grasped from my own
Reserve, through the perfect draw
Of your tiny nose, smelt and dealt
With all flowers and cloves;
Oh baby, let me be the fragrance
Of an extinct blossom, brought
Back to the world just for you,
The way I have let you.

The mystery of all enigmas, like
The ghost which is loved, and
Held close to the warmth of cold,
As clean and pious as heaven itself;
Oh love, let me squeeze your
Soul of all its life, and combine
It with my own, for you’re the
Only lady of my lonely world.


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