My When, My Where, My How

A whirl of white,
Laden with the weight
Of a sight too wide.
Another sensation of hope,
Another glimpse of the sweet
Tie of a thought too hard to grope.

A sedan of sunlight,
Eidetic of the vision of comfort,
Proclaiming the solace of sight.
Another touch of frothy care,
Another tug of the high
Rising bloom which is let to blare.

A bellow of birds,
Roaring and dancing
Of unsung, untold words.
Another whoosh of the worldly traveller,
Another soul of innocence
Let go to wander.

A pour of pelt,
Wreathing with furious mellowness
Holding along smoothness of felt.
Another clink against the pavement,
Another howl of relentless moaning
To the letters never sent.

A yolk of yellow,
Nurturing from a bucket of love
Like that plant (now, tree) you went to sow.
Another abundance to be held together,
Another muffled cherish let go
To the calling of the weather.

A devoid of dark,
Stamping on the morning dew,
Swinging to the melody of stark.
Another breath of emotion,
Another presumption of stupor
Dismantled with the departure of vexation.

A blind of black,
Holding, with meagre substance,
The wolf of the pack.
Another swirl in the aphotic coordinates,
Another secret to subdue
Onto the crevices of sates.

A hark of happy,
Surmounted with closure,
To the thought of sappy.
Another peep into my world,
Another hush-hush pushed to the shore
Instilling my halcyon to hold.

If you can’t see it now,
You won’t ever understand my happiness or
My when, my where, my how.
This is me deepening the low to the sky
And high, of men and women, which abide by
Radiance and sore solitude.


5 thoughts on “My When, My Where, My How

  1. Dear Kavya,
    The strings of thought too hard to grope
    Are hard enough just yet…
    But they are no one else’s to control
    Make the move, or else you fret…

    Hope, my dear, it defines who we are
    The strong rope
    That hauls us through despair…
    For every soul alive,
    To share it stands there…

    I see nature soothes you,
    As it should all,
    Yes, it comforts and heals…
    The plinth of human existence,
    So much yet so little it reveals…

    The words you string together,
    Like a crafted lace of pearls,
    Have those silent chinks between,
    That make me wonder of that
    Which in your mind, evidently, rapidly swirls…

    I wonder, is it sorrow that hides
    Making a happy pallor…
    Or is the other way round,
    To catch up with the stricken other?

    Human nature, though complex,
    Is woven around befittingly,
    As we are parts of all others,
    And each tremors deeply, differently…

    Seen and known are so different
    From each other; they muddle…
    And hence is born a raft of false knowledge
    That sways hither, thither and yon…
    Looking nowhere but here,
    Where that knowledge did dawn…

    I would say I misunderstood,
    the person I saw in school,
    But I can’t see how to compare,
    Or compare it with whom…
    Maybe an urge to fit in drove,
    Maybe the sordid disparity,
    But I begin to hope,
    You aren’t that which you seemed to be…

    You when, where and how will evolve,
    They don’t stay in our grasp always,
    Today you know them, tomorrow you won’t,
    That is the way it is…
    Disappointments are a part of life,
    They aggrandize the merry days,
    And teach us a lot in their wake…

    I think I have said quite a lot,
    But there is so much more to say,
    But comments’ section isn’t the place 😉
    To bare all; your turn to play…

    I congratulate you on words well said,
    On a definition worth being read,
    On stops and comas worth their inference,
    On a person I would like to see a few years hence…

    Never stop writing, my dear,
    You express yourself beautifully,
    Many have the art of writing,
    So few use it so fully…

    Best wishes and lots of love,
    From a person you have seen not known,
    And so it is for you to me,
    And me to you,
    But I hope undo that, let it be known… 🙂

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    • You talk about hope, I see
      And I think I have let parts
      Of it to run away, and parts of
      To die in glee.

      You talk about happy pillars
      Filled of rather a mist too green,
      And I have let those pillars
      To quiver and quiver.

      We haven’t been explored,
      You and me; we’ve just been
      Flipped on and off that single
      Key, which holds the door closed.

      Spare my ignorance build of rather
      Silly childish ways, and challenged of
      Induced hypocrisies; for now I know
      What traits I was made to gather.

      I was wrong, and I was funny
      That way, because I was, as they say
      Of arrogant acceptance and gestures
      Painted with sugar and honey.

      I disregarded the obvious, really
      Letting my altering emotions to get
      The best of me; for that I am sorry,
      And I let me pass by so eerily.

      I was honestly gobsmacked
      Of seeing your name pop out without
      A warning, or an exclamation somewhere within
      Or a thrill which sarcasm backed.

      It turned out great, for I am
      Greatly please to hear from someone
      Who is aplomb, and shall I say, crazy
      With words jutting down a slam;
      For I am(belittling myself) just another hysterical
      Girl; actually more a little lamb.


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