Again, this time.

Did you notice when the skies turned grey?
When snow flakes started to fall our way?

Did you adhere the reveries unsaid?
Were you friends with the monsters under my bed?

Did you see the smiles I shined once?
Did you notice all the innuendos and puns?

Did you conceive the coming of winter?
It is the white and corny sites that blister.

Did you watch the fire burn?
Flaming all those elicit lies we learn?

Did you want to see my fire?
Was it pretence, that you paid to hire?

Have you forgotten all the haughty comments?
When they said the forest inspired, held together the dense?

Did you follow my gaze into the outer space?
When my eyes flickered to glitter, within that intuitive haze?

Do you not remember those blitz of love?
When the goaded mist of hurt came to, and me and you were to blur?

Did not we plan to haunt the stars?
Methought you and I were parallel bars.

Did I say something colossally callous?
Truth is, 24 years before, that endearing commotion was malice.

When was the last time you filtered those teary cries?
I know you shelter gruesome gnomes behind those misty eyes.

Did I not comfort you that time?
Did I not hold you through the climb?

Was it right, something obscure, I heard?
It was you, you who had said belief was absurd.

Did I not ask you stay?
Had not you craved too, the happy clichè?

Did we not talk about it, lover?
Did I leave too many secrets to uncover?

Was it too much to ask?
Was it too much to take?

Answer me today,
As I watch the snow flakes fall,
As I watch the ardent warm winter
Take all those whited sepulchres away,

Again, this time;
Again, another.
Again, to a time,
When you and I were together.


11 thoughts on “Again, this time.

  1. This is beautiful. Out of the many posts I read, I kept on rereading this one. It’s perfect.
    This normally doesn’t happen with me, but when I read your stories, It painted a picture inside my head and I loved it. I loved it because it is very uncommon.
    Try to not overdo the rich words. But well, two thumbs up.

    Liked by 1 person

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