All things tenable

All those smiles,
All that pretence;
Comes to a stand when thee
Sees what shall hold convergence.
Thee isn’t consummate,
He is foundered, broken.
And all things tenable are overt,
Be that as it may, all there is,
Is covert.

Is it when things are louche,
That we perceive the veraciousness?
Or is it all those things we fail
To concede? Heedless
Are the words I proclaim.
Discreet, indiscreet is not what I ask;
As all things tenable are overt,
Be that as it may, predestination,
Is covert.

It’s not the hues and cries,
Nor is it the lies of life,
Which vehement the deluge of rain;
Nor the fabrications of truth that knife
Who thee is from within;
It really is the enigma of our nirvana.
A fib is all things tenable are overt,
Be that as it may, our soul,
Is covert.


13 thoughts on “All things tenable

  1. Overt and covert aren’t necessarily opposites,
    They walk together,hand in hand,
    All that is tenable, you can’t comprehend…
    That which is obvious,
    Might be a farce….
    That which is not,
    You cannot really defend…

    I don’t want to, or pretend to preach,
    I myself seek that which we see,
    But in this instance I disagree,
    That tenable, overt or covert,
    Are so easy to define…

    Smiles reflect the covert, protected by the overt,
    Pretence is the overt, sheltering the covert,
    All thing tenable can’t be overt,
    For that which is overt is not tenable…
    But all things overt, are that which endear…

    The predestination and soul, yes, are covert,
    But in some they find expression,
    And then it shines,
    So bright it blinds, but you disagree, and call it covert…

    So, I ask, as I stop,
    Which is overt… the overt or the covert..
    And isn’t the overt an extension of the covert?
    You seek to define, and so do I…
    None might be right, but still we try…
    For the concept is powerful,
    It make one think….
    Is all that is tenable and overt a cinch?

    I await a nice reply, it should make for a nice debate, don’t you think?
    And hey, I am having a lot of fun going through the blog.
    If I had to define it briefly and very candidly, I would say – A steamy potpourri of well expressed, honest emotions.
    And I want to discuss a few things which I shouldn’t say on a public forum, so you have my sister’s number, don’t you? Give me a ring!!


    Do reply, its been a while since I debated… looking forward to it 😀 ;*

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    • Ahahahhaha! I like the light rhyming.

      I don’t have more than a sentence
      Or, rather two to tell you that this
      Form of poetry is really meant to
      Be how it is, for it is supposed to
      Contradict your word and mine
      Without leaving, so much as a clue;
      Because each word here is based on
      The thought of she and her, and him too
      Being so overt, that the one (calling it so)
      Who sees forgets, the layer of secrecy wasn’t
      So covert, indeed. It was right in the middle
      Of the things he mustered up, that silly
      Little masquerade he thought didn’t
      Matter was all that was cluttered and
      Made to sow the seed of a thin slip
      Of mere clandestine wings, (high profile,
      Sanctioned by the law of wit).

      I scream to him, milady,
      I scream that it wasn’t him,
      Or the goaded mist of hurt
      Which changed me; it is me speaking
      That I was so overt, that I was (intentionally)


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