Petite Verdict

Oh, I shall fly till I find the perfect speck of pollen”, I say to myself. It is a bright sunny day just as I like it; the flowers blossom and it is much better to be able to spread the wings I have longed for since so long! Those caterpillar days are not so far away; but for the perks of being a butterfly any amount of time spent anticipating can be long lost.

I am fluttering from one place to another when the subtle but mighty Wind greets me: “Oh hello, hello my little friend! How are you today?” Wind has always been a frenemy to all. A friend when in need, but sometimes he is one to deceive. “I am perfectly fluttery today dearest Wind!” I say with fluttering some more. He fills the atmosphere with his laughter; not realising he is swishing me away. I dodge and dart with all my might; but I am still driven away!

Oh poor you!” a voice from behind fills in the tension. I turn to find Madam Nightingale with a face of disgust. “Light on feather; too weak to fight. I wish you a better life” she continues. I sigh at her words; I do not want to think of my flaws. I am what I was meant to be; she doesn’t seem to realise that flaws cannot hide the real beauty. But one cannot argue with Madam Nightingale, she has the most beautiful voice of all realms, if only her heart was the same.

Searching for the best pollen can be a very hard task; I cannot afford to rest as the night will soon fall. Here and there I sense and look when I see a little girl with a flower in her hand. She seems happy and full of energy. I somehow tend to relate her with me; seeing her so free and oblivious to flaws makes me see me. As I flutter around there some more, the little girl spots me out and chases me wherever I go. It is quite a lot of fun to be, as it seems, dancing with her. She says “Oh dear butterfly, you are so pretty! So beautiful and free! Perfect wings and so tiddly in stature; you can hide and go wherever you want!” Saying this she makes me feel utterly content. I wish to tell her she is as beautiful, pretty and free as I am, but alas! She cannot understand me. Soon she grows tired and she lays down on the grass. She thinks aloud saying “I wish I could fly like you little butterfly. I wish I was not bound to this ground. How amazing it would feel to be wherever I wish to be; to fly and talk to the wind and sea; to hear what creatures of nature have to say and be as beautiful as no one else can be. Oh I wish I was as beautiful as you are, fluttering around mystifying everybody!” Hearing this I sigh, she does not know how jealous other creatures are of the wings she calls pretty. She has no idea as to how anyone can blow me away; all the pity I have to face.

The sun is on its way to disappear and I am starving, so I continue my frisk. “Oh please dear Lord! Help me!” I say.

At that point I see this beautiful flower with his bright and charismatic pollen asking me to come see. “Welcome aboard!” Says the sunflower as I tiptoe upon one of his petals. “Hello! Do you mind?” I ask in response. He counters with the greatest enthusiasm, “Oh never! It would be such a pleasure!” I gather some of the pollen and am mesmerized by the softness of it. I wonder if this is what love feels like. I take a small bite and I am struck in an awe. “This is the best pollen I have ever tasted,”I tell the flower, to which he replies “Ah! Thank you my friend, I am Willy the sunflower. Insects come and go but it is rare when someone appreciates the delight of food.” I eat and eat till I am stuffed, after which I want to eat more but I am too tired and full. “Thank you Willy the Sunflower, I will never forget the best meal I have had so far!” The sun is at the verge of setting completely, so I bid him goodbye.

It can surprise you how tired butterflies can get. The beauty, the hard-work can overshadow the flaws. I maybe tiny, but I have my days; I may be weak, but that does not and cannot stop me from believing I can conquer anything; I maybe a bug, but that doesn’t mean I am not worth the importance every creature deserves.


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